Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Don't Have Time to Blog

    Yep, you read that right. This is a blog post about not having time to write a blog post. Makes total sense, right? 
    Okay, so obviously, technically, I have time to blog. I actually have tons of down time, sitting right here where I am right now, on the couch holding a sleeping Buttercup. We've been dealing with colic for most of the last two months, and she's a very restless sleeper during the day. The real story is that up until today, I hadn't thought of using this time to type out a post on my phone. Of course that's a rather slow-going process...not only because I'm typing an entire blog post with one thumb, but because I'm also trying not to ignore Sugarplum. So typing is being peppered with getting my teeth checked, conversations about an imaginary bug, and telling her to stop throwing toys. Also putting Buttercup's pacifier back in her mouth over and over again until she finally decides to stay asleep. 

    I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, though. I wouldn't trade these girls for anything. Adding a second child hasn't been easy, by any means, but in most ways it hasn't been as hard as I was worried it would be. It just involves a lot of improvisation and making do with the time you have...like one finger typing a blog post on your phone while holding a sleeping baby. 

    Anyway, the original point of this blog post was to talk about the things I'm doing when I'm actually NOT sitting on the couch holding Buttercup. There are a few short moments each day when either she has just eaten and is awake and happy, or I'm able to lay her down and she stays asleep for at least a few minutes. Also, of course, I can sometimes hand her off to DH or a visiting family members and steal a few minutes away. Some of that time has to go to things like eating, showering, taking care of Sugarplum, and trying to give her a little one-on-one attention. Also there are things like occasionally doing some dishes and laundry, and oh yeah, maybe eventually taking down the rest of my Christmas decorations. 

    But honestly, one of my biggest focuses lately whenever I get the chance has been our costumes for this year's ComiCon. We have 5 months left, and there is sooo much left to do. M, D, and I started thinking about our costumes literally on the day after the con last year, and had decided before I even made it back home. We're doing a group cosplay this time. Buttercup and Sugarplum will be participating as well. DH hasn't decided for sure yet, but I'm hoping that he'll end up joining us. I'm not going to share exactly what we're doing quite yet. I will tell you this...our three costumes (M, D, and me) are femme versions of male characters, are designed by me, and involve quite a bit of crafting and sewing. There's a pretty good combination of sewing from scratch and altering pieces that we purchased. 

    My dad, also, will be involved with some weapon and armor crafting. We owe that guy big...he never actually signed up for this whole cosplay thing, nor did my mom. But they love their girls, so he fills our orders without (a whole lot of) complaining, and they both help us craft and dye and paint and come up with solutions and ideas. Love y'all!

    Without going into a ton of detail, right now I think the only thing I have completely finished is D's shirt (not counting my shirt, which didn't need any alterations, and a couple of accessories that we bought online). I'm currently in the middle of alterations on my jacket, D's jacket, and M's top. I still have to start on skirts for all 3 of us, and there are still several accessories yet to buy, including wigs for the two of them. 

    I know what Buttercup's costume is going to be, but I'm trying to wait until closer to June to start on it so that I'll know for sure what size she'll be in. I haven't actually decided on Sugarplum's costume yet. I have a few choices, but I'm waiting on DH to decide on his before I make a final decision. 

    I haven't hit panic mode yet, even though it does seem like a ton of stuff to do in a very little amount of time. I really enjoy the whole process of planning and making costumes...even more than actually wearing the costume and going to ComiCon! The good news is, I recently acquired a carrier that seems to be working well for Buttercup, so hopefully I'll start being able to get some more stuff done while wearing her on days when she wants to be held all the time. 

    So...yeah. Life's a little hectic at times, and free time is a very limited commodity. But hey, I did at least finally write a blog entry! Check that one off the list. 

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